Why Boredom Is Good for Your Kids

Children do get bored most of the time. But what does your guts tell you every time your child complains that they are bored?

Usually, I would encourage my kids to go outdoors whenever they are bored. I allow them to enjoy the sun, some dirt on their toes or simply have fun together with other kids in the area. When I’m busy with work and going outdoors seems to be not a good option for their entertainment, I admittedly allow them to use my phone to watch videos or lend them my extra laptop to watch a movie.

Best case scenario is that my suggestions and options would end up entertaining them for several hours or so – enough time for me to do what I have to finish what I have to do.

However, experts claim that you as a parent should allow your kids to get bored. In an article by Huffington Post last May 2016, that parents should not be overscheduling their kids. A perfect example of overscheduling your kid is enrolling them to every possible summer workshop or summer camp available in your area. As much as you would want to supply your kids with enough entertainment to keep them from getting bored, too much of these might prevent them from discovering the things that they really want to do and interests them.

According to the article, what parents should be doing is to prepare their kids on the possible roles that they may take place in the society.  For them to discover what this role is, getting bored might actually be the first step.

What are the good things boredom does for your kids?


They allow your children to think

Downtime allow your kids to think about the possible activities that can keep them entertained. This can be in the form of a new hobby like molding clay or discovering a talent like playing the guitar. Being less suggestive on the things that your kid should be doing to avoid getting bored allows them to think for themselves and discover things that they are really into.

Boredom helps your kids manage their emotions

If you allow your kids to get bored, you are giving them the chance to handle their emotions. A child may feel s ad or lonely during these boring minutes of their life. Not being there to help them focus their attention to something else allow them to resolve the emotional conflicts that they feel whenever they are bored. Kids need to learn how to manage their emotions at an early stage to be able to achieve maturity at an early stage in their lives.

It promotes true creativity

Being bored happens to be a requirement to trigger the “internal stimulus” in children to allow them to discover their true creative inclinations. Throughout the decades, being bored has already diminished because of the many forms of entertainment brought by technology nowadays. With the attractions that mobile gadgets and the internet has provided to mankind, being bored rarely happens, even in children, depriving them opportunities in discovering the art or the activity where they can release their creativity.


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