Tagaytay SkyRanch: Your Perfect Semestral Break Getaway

Kids are looking forward to not waking up early next week as school break starts this coming October 24. It is a time to bond with the whole family, catch up watching their favorite cartoons or to simply enjoy short getaways like just what we did today at Skyranch Tagaytay.

The amusement park is located at the picturesque city of Tagaytay which is just a few hour-drive from Manila. It has become a favorite destination for both locals and tourist because of its captivating views, pleasurable climate, delicious food destinations and relaxing ambiance.

Today, just right after my son’s second periodical examinations, my husband and I decided to give the kids a treat. We’re located at Alfonso so it took us half an hour to get to the place via public transportation (jeepney).

We arrived at lunch time so we decided to dine first before starting the fun. Tokyo Tokyo happens to be one of my favorite food joints and they have a branch in the area so it was obviously our location for lunch. The kids also enjoy their miso soup so I insisted in having our lunch there. My youngest immediately noticed the Wonder Flight attraction on the other side of the restaurant. We cannot dent how excited the kids were to experience the fun and entertainment Skyranch Tagaytay offers.

After lunch, we immediately proceeded to the admission gate. The entrance fee was PHP80.00 per head. Entrance fees are cheaper from Mondays-Thursdays at Php50.00 per head. My youngest was still below 3ft so his entrance fee was free. We paid Php240.00 in total for the admission fee.

Our children are just 4-years old and 2-years old so we didn’t have a lot of options when it comes to the attractions and rides that they have. We bought separate tickets inside the venue for the rides.  We bought tickets for the Wonder Flight attraction at Php50.00 each, The Express Train attraction at Php80.00 each and the Carousel at Php50 each. We paid Php.670.00 in total for the rides. My youngest enjoyed another free ride at the carousel saving us another Php50.00. We wanted to try out the other rides but they had height limits so my youngest wouldn’t be allowed to try out the ride even with adult assistance.

It was quite sunny so excuse me for the haggard looking pictures shared in this article. I would suggest that you go to the attraction around 4PM onwards to be able to enjoy the climate and the lights in the venue. We could not afford to stay late in the area because my kids are prone to having colds.

Good thing there was a large covered area in the park where the stalls and souvenirs can be located. The kids enjoyed running around the area and it was a nice area to escape from the heat of the sun. We bought Pokeballs for the kids and Pastillas for pasalubong. A box of mixed pastillas costs Php.130.00 each, the Pokeball Php.100.00 each. We also bought 3 packs of Milk Biscuits for Php100.00.

The kids were already tired and wanted to go home. All in all, we spent Php119.00 for transportation, Php370.00 for our lunch, Php200.00 to try out the games available in the area and Php40.00 for a bottle of water inside the venue and another Php15.00 for another bottle of water bought outside SkyRanch. We spent Php 2,084.00 for a day of fun and bonding with the kids.

Would I recommend SkyRanch Tagaytay as your go to place this semestral break? Definitely! The admission fee is way cheaper compared to other fun parks, the view is stunning, the climate is pleasurable and it’s far from the buzz and the noise of city life.

You can check out more details about SkyRanch Tagaytay Cavite via this link.


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