Peppa Pig, Spongebob and other Cartoons: Their Effect on Children

Peppa Pig is making a buzz on Facebook and several articles online are allegedly saying that watching the TV series causes autism. Some even says that Peppa has superiority complex making her a bad example to children. Sponge Bob had the same issues way back, but instead of being superior, Sponge Bob was making kids dumber.

Whether these allegations are backed up with research or not, your kids spending too much time watching television is not good for them.

I must admit that I allow my kids to binge on Netflix and watch Peppa Pig episodes during weekends. I even allow them to use my Smartphone and watch YouTube videos. This is wrong and I admit to this parenting mistake. As much as I would like to defend myself by saying that my 2-year old can count from one to ten, sing the ABC, recite the ABC together with a word for each letter and can spell out prints written in shirts thanks to YouTube, allowing these social media platforms to influence my children is not completely constructive.

There came a point in time when my kids would rather watch YouTube videos than play games with me. I knew this should be addressed immediately. So one weekend, I intentionally turned off the internet and enjoyed playing around with my kids.

Peppa Pig is not the problem as well as good-old Sponge Bob. Our lack of time for our children leads them to focusing their attention in these cartoons, rather than being with their parents. The more we deprive our children with the attention that they deserve, the more they will focus on these cartoons, whether they are detrimental to their health or not.

However, kids love watching cartoons. These humor them. And we can deny the fact that they do learn lessons and skills from these shows every now and then. The important thing really is to be there every time our kids watch cartoons. Be there to guide them and explain to them the bad things and the good thing that they should not be doing and doing based on the cartoon that they are watching. If we let our children watch these shows or any other type of video unsupervised, it is us that makes them dumber or it is us that increases their chances of making them autistic.

As parents, our bad decisions and lack of time for our children contributes to their negative developments.


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